Fundraising Intro

I know how difficult it is to find easy fundraisers that can fit in with the kids, work and the 100 other things parents have on their plates. This was one of the main reasons for  getting these bibs up and running.  As a mum of two, who works part-time, and volunteers on committees, its difficult to find easy fundraisers that don’t involve hours of organization and a ton of man power!

 Everyone who has a toddler will have bibs and a large majority will already own if not seen Long sleeve bibs in stores.  Stella & Angus bibs are priced approx $5 less than other brands and this fundraiser gives you an even better price You decide how you want to sell the bibs and then what purchase option works best for you.


Either order stock upfront, perfect if you are holding a stall. Or purchase a selling set or several sets for your committee to sell from.

This doesn’t have to be just a one off, you can continue advertising these throughout the year  or make it an annual fundraiser , I’m happy to supply if there is a demand!

Fundraiser Pack

 A Fundraiser info pack is available for you to  present to your group, which Includes:

  • Introductory
  • Product Info and a bit of a background
  • Pricing
  • Order forms
  • Promotional posters and flyers

Feel free to contact me email using the websites enquiry form. 

 Looking forward to helping you soon…

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