News and Specials

  • See our new pages welcoming customers to post their feedback and comments on how we can improve our bibs! Everyone that places feedback recieves a gift voucher, with either free freight or discount off your next order. Check out the reviews posted under the review page and have a giggle at some photos of some messy eatings, modeling their Stella & Angus bibs!
    Posted: Saturday 29 June 2013
  • They are on the boat and bobbing their way to New Zealand. Due in 6weeks, so just (just) in time for Christmas! Fingers crossed for a smooth fast sailing.
    Posted: Thursday 25 October 2012
  • Production has taken 30days and soon the first shipment of bibs will be jetting their way to New Zealand, just in time for Christmas. Its quite exciting to think that toddlers wearing their best new clothes will be tucking into their christmas dinners this year sporting their new Stella & Angus Long Sleeve Bib!
    Posted: Monday 15 October 2012
  • Production underway
    After months of searching the globe, I have finally found the fabrics to finish my long sleeve bib range. After testing samples of polar fleece, for stain resistance and thickness and Nylon for its water proofing qualities we have found the perfect combination of hardwearing, functional and fantastically cool coloured fabrics to lay the foundations for a very exciting new bib!
    Posted: Tuesday 7 August 2012