I'm a mum like many others that saw a gap in the market for a product and decided, well why not do something for yourself.  To be honest, I never took much notice of long sleeve bibs in stores, the price put me off. After a recommendation  from another mum who couldn't live without them,  I bought my first one and was hooked. It was literally used, washed and then dryed with haste so I could use it for the next meal!  I would have bought several if they weren't twice if not three times the price of plain bibs.  This got me thinking, this is a fantastic product, but its price deters parents from trying them, so take a great product, make it my own, make it fun and make it affordable!

Stella & Angus long sleeve bibs act as your coverall bib, one size fit from 6 months up to 2 years; invaluable for that curious infant who’s  just starting solids to the independent toddler that wants to help themselves! Save the morning PJ's from porridge and sticky toast, you needn't have a change of clothes after lunchtimes marmite sandwhich and amazing as it sounds, the possibility of folding their clothes up after their bath for tomorrow! Thats just unheard of!

Elastic wrist cuffs ensure flailing hands don’t track food up the sleeves, water resistant nylon >3000mm prevents sleeves and under clothes from getting wet,  bright patterned polar fleece looks great wash after wash, easily secured with an adjustable snap button neck closure. 


  • Patterned polar fleece   
  • Super water resistant sleeves and lining >3000mm
  • Easy snap button closure
  • Adjustable neckline 
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • Fast to wash & dry
  • One size fits most  6 months to 24 months

 Im sure you will love these bibs as much as I do, not only do the look great, but they are hardworking! So far it doesn't matter what the kids throw at them ( or on them)  I have washed and washed my set and they keep coming back for more.  I welcome your feedback and comments. Keep a look out for new styles coming soon, including a bandana dribble bib, a large plain bib and a Long sleeve kids apron.